Why CIU Online?

Head, heart, and hands — we nurture all three in online classes that are just as rigorous and comprehensive as their on-campus equivalents. Each course is taught through a biblical worldview and supported by a university with a 100-years-strong reputation for excellence in academic, professional and spiritual preparation.

When you graduate, you will be prepared to work with people of many perspectives and cultural backgrounds, and you’ll gain the resume-building experiences to be competitive in your field. All of us at CIU, from faculty to staff to administrators, are dedicated to helping you grow and succeed on whatever path God has laid out for you. This is how we support you.

Faculty Who Guide You

Your CIU Online professors teach because they’re passionate about your success and God’s plan for you. That’s why their online classes are built around a rigorous, hands-on curriculum no less challenging or engaging than their on-campus classes.

They are experts in their areas of study and widely lauded as teachers, bringing personal and professional experience to the subjects they teach. This means they’re uniquely prepared to offer individualized guidance on how best to structure your coursework and internship experiences for success after graduation.

Award-Winning Curricula

CIU Online’s programs are designed with professionals in mind, so you can count on learning not only theory but also practical skills that apply directly to your postgraduate goals. You’ll develop such skills through award-winning classes, incorporating face-to-face video instruction, projects and discussions with students from all over the world, fascinating webinars, and other creative instructional methods.

Quality is key, no matter how your program is delivered. Our online curricula are offered through Canvas, a highly interactive and user-friendly learning-management platform. Each course has been thoughtfully adapted for the digital classroom, so that you receive the same high-level, comprehensive, and personalized experience you would if you were on campus.

Flexible Schedules

Many of our online students have important life responsibilities, such as work and family, that just can’t be put on hold. CIU Online programs are structured with that in mind. There are no regular official class times, so you can do your coursework whenever and wherever is most convenient.

When we say completely online, we mean it. You will never need to come to campus for any reason — although you’ll always be welcome!

Affordable Programs

We don’t believe in charging online students for in-resident services they won’t use, so your tuition and fees will only reflect the services relevant to you and your education. What we do believe in is access to an education that can better lives and bring people closer to God. Visit Tuition & Fees to learn about costs, payment options, and financial aid.

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